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    The forthcoming album 'The Drop' out 05.08.13

    Pre-order 'The Drop' now:

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    Pinkunoizu tour dates 2013


    2nd Sejerø Festival, Sejerø, DK
    8th Sebenik, HR -- Terraneo Festival

    27th Copenhagen, DK -- Loppen*
    30th Berlin, DE -- Festaal*

    1st Frankfurt, DE -- Zoom*
    2nd Munich, DE -- Ampere*
    3rd Zurich, CH -- Viadukt -- Bogen F*
    5th Hasselt, BE -- Play! Festival @ Musiekodroom
    6th Brussels, BE -- Botanique -- Rotonde*
    7th Paris, FR -- La Maroquinerie*
    8th London, UK -- Heaven*

    9th Leicester, UK – The Musician

    11th Bristol, UK -- Colston Hall*
    12th Kendal, UK -- Brewery*
    13th Glasgow, UK -- Broadcast*
    14th Birmingham, UK -- Hare & Hounds*
    15th Manchester, UK -- Band On The Wall*
    16th Reading, UK -- South Street Arts*
    17th Bury St Edmonds, UK -- The Apex*
    18th Cardiff, UK -- Solus, Swn Festival**
    19th Hebden Bridge, UK -- Trades Club*
    20th Liverpool, UK -- East Village Arts Club*
    21st Brighton, UK -- The Old Market*

    *with Tunng
    ** with Deerhunter

  • Bowlegs session

    The Great Pacific Garbage Patch - live session from Brighton for Bowlegs Music

  • 'The Drop' trailer

    Check out Ewan Jones Morris' antipasti for out next full lenght album 'The Drop'. Out on August 5th.

  • New track!

    Listen to a track from our forthcoming release 'The Drop', out on Full Time Hobby on August 5th.

  • Roskilde + Glastonbury

    We're also playing these two festivals this summer:

    • Glastonbury Festival - Friday 28th June 2pm Williams Green Stage 
    • Roskilde Festival - exact time tba.
  • New live dates

    Hey all,

    we are happy to announce these new dates supporting label mates TUNNG:


    27th Copenhagen, DK - Loppen

    30th Berlin, DE – Festaal



    1st Frankfurt, DE – Zoom

    2nd Munich, DE – Ampere

    3rd Zurich, CH – Viadukt – Bogen F

    6th Brussels, BE – Botanique – Rotonde

    7th Paris, FR – La Maroquinerie

    8th London, UK – Heaven

    11th Bristol, UK – Colston Hall

    12th Kendal, UK – Brewery

    13th Glasgow, UK – Broadcast

    15th Manchester, UK – Band On The Wall

    16th Reading, UK – South Street Arts

    17th Bury St Edmonds, UK – The Apex

    19th Hebden Bridge, UK – Trades Club

    20th Liverpool, UK – East Village Arts Club

    21st Brighton, UK – The Old Market


  • New video piece for 'I Chi'

    The ever brilliant Ewan Jones Morris made this wonderful video for 'I Chi' of the forthcoming EP Second Amendment - out May 6th on Full Time Hobby and Everybody's Stalking. Enjoy.

  • SNYKradio live mixtape

    The amazing Danish experimental radio SNYK invited us to do a live mixtape at their studio yesterday. Take a listen here:

    1. Kevin Ayers:” There is loving” - Whatevershebringswesing
    2. Louis & Bebe Barron: “Main titles ouverture” - Forbidden Planet soundtrack
    3. Roedelius: “Inselmoos” - Selbstportrait
    4. Faust: “So far” - So far
    5. Caetano Veloso: “Tu Me Acostumbraste” - Araçá Azul
    6. Mix of Philip Glass: Music in Twelve Parts - Terry Riley: “Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band” from A Rainbow in Curved Air
    7. Nico: “My only child” - Desertshore
    8. Philip Koutev: Nr. 1 on the record (in Hungarian)
    9. Alice Coltrane: “Paramahansa Lake” - Huntington Ashram Monastery
    10. Larry Young: “Sunshine fly away” - Lawrence of Newark
    11. Caetano Veloso: ”Sugarcane fields forever” - Araçá Azul
    12. Harry Partch: “Daphne of the dunes” - The world of Harry Partch
    13. Robert Wyatt: “Solar flares” - Ruth is stranger than Richard
    14. The Residents: “Constantinople” - Duck stab

  • The Great Escape

    Pinkunoizu just announced for The Great Escape festival on May 16th.

  • I Can't Slow Down

    Reason To Believe, a Tim Hardin tribute album, just came out on Full Time Hobby. We have a track on there. Nils Gröndahl did the string arrangement. Take a listen:

  • Mixtape for Passive/Aggressive

    Happy December.

    We did a mixtape for Passive/Aggressive. It's a collection of great tunes released in 2012. Enjoy the ride.


    1. El-P – ‘The Full Retard’ (Cancer 4 Cure)
    2. Goat – ‘Goatman’ (World Music)
    3. Abba Gargando – ‘Etran, Association Des Jeunes’ (Laile Je T’aime)
    4. Swans – ‘Avatar’ (The Seer)
    5. Mount Eerie – ‘The Place I Live’ (Clear Moon)
    6. Tindersticks – ‘Show Me Everything’ (The Something Rain)
    7. Earth – ‘The Rakehell’ (Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II)
    8. Pandit Pran Nath – ‘Raga Darbari’ (Ragas Of The Morning & Night)
    9. Actress – ‘Glint’ (R.I.P)
    10. JJ Doom – ‘Rhymin’ Slang’ (Key To The Kuffs)
    11. Flying Lotus – ‘Until The Colours Come’ (Until The Quite Comes)
    12. Julia Holter – ‘This Is Ekstasis’ (Ekstasis)
    13. Keiji Haino, Jim O’Rourke, Oren Ambarchi – ‘Invited in practically drawn in by something facing the exit of this hiding place who is it? that went in..’ (Imikuzushi)
    14. Ty Segall Band – ‘Slaughterhouse’ (Slaughterhouse)
    15. Aesop Rock – ‘Saturn Missiles’ (Skelethon)
    16. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – ‘Baby’ (Mature Themes)

  • KB18 show in CPH

    Don't miss our concert at KB18 in Copenhagen on December 6th!

  • Tim Hardin tribute album

    Boys and girls, Full Time Hobby will release a cover compilation album of late great folk singer Tim Hardin - it's out on 28th of January 2013. We made a song for the album as well in a collaboration with great great Nils Gröndahl. 

    Reason To Believe – The Songs of Tim Hardin

    Released 28th January 2013 on Full Time Hobby

    Acclaimed Oregon troubadour Tim Hardin is one of the most influential and respected singer-songwriters of all time, not that the man himself cared much for the title. "My songs aren't personal," he insisted before his death in 1980. "They sound it 'cos it was me who revealed them, but it was my head that got the lightning shot through it.” An interesting choice of descriptive, seeing as how for his many devotees, his bewitching folk music has the same knockout power as a ten thousand volt lightning strike from the sky – instantaneous, bruising, beautiful, electrifying.

    Among those devotees are some of the most exciting alternative voices of the last fifty years – like Nick Drake and Tim Buckley before him, Hardin was a musicians' musician, the inspiration behind a great many artists whose limelight he never procured for himself. Johnny Cash, Paul Weller, Rod Stewart, Echo and the Bunnymen, Scott Walker, Nico... Hardin's music has been covered by countless icons of contemporary counter-culture. Now that tradition is set to continue with the release of Reason To Believe, a tribute album collecting specially recorded cover versions from the impressive likes of Screaming Trees legend Mark Lanegan, the beguiling Hannah Peel, indie favourites Okkervil River and many more.

    “So many people's entry point to Tim has been through cover versions,”says Full Time Hobby co-owner Nigel Adams, responsible for the release. “It felt fitting to bring his songs up to date with contemporary artists approaching his music with the hope listeners would then go beyond the well known and dig into some of the wealth of songs he wrote and recorded”.  The album comes as a sequel of sorts to the label's 2006 release,Dream Brother: The Songs of Tim and Jeff Buckley, and is the next in a gradual series of releases that puts the spotlight on artists whose impact was more profound than their fame would suggest, whose names may have drifted into obscurity but continue to burn brightly in the hearts and record collections of many music lovers.

     But Reason To Believe is more than an opportunity to pay lip service to one of the most gifted and overlooked talents in generations, with its artists (in the true spirit of Hardin) getting creative with the songs. The record begins with Wellington cinematic-pop types The Phoenix Foundation and a dazzling reworking of ‘Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep’, the '60s groove and strummed guitar of Hardin's original replaced by a tsunami wash of post-rock pianos and airy vocals. From there, the good times keep tumbling. Sam Gender's Diagrams turn the tender ‘Part Of The Wind’ into an electronics epic guided by 16-bit bleeps and ghostly synths, while Smoke Fairies offer a broody, smokey, intense take on ‘If I Were A Carpenter’ that burrows its way into your psyche.

    With artwork by Jack White's former collaborator Miles Johnson at Third Man Records and extensive linear notes by Rockbackpages music critic and highly respected author Barney Hoskyns, Reason To Believe is too good to miss.


    1. The Phoenix Foundation - Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep
    2. The Sand Band - Reason To Believe
    3. Mark Lanegan - Red Balloon
    4. Diagrams - Part Of The Wind
    5. The Magnetic North - It’s Hard To Believe In Love For Long
    6. Alela Diane - How Can We Hang On To A Dream
    7. Snorri Helgason - Misty Roses
    8. Sarabeth Tucek - If I Knew
    9. Okkervil River - It’ll Never Happen Again
    10. Smoke Fairies - If I Were A Carpenter
    11. Gavin Clark - Shiloh Town
    12. Hannah Peel - Lenny’s Tune
    13. Pinkunoizu - I Can’t Slow Down

  • Dates for December Tour

    We play a line of concerts in December. Hope to see you there, somewhere:

    • 6th Copenhagen, DK – KB18
    • 11th Paris, FR – Gaite Lyrique, Winter Camp Festival 
    • 12th London, UK – Seabright Arms
    • 13th Cardiff, UK – Buffalo Bar
    • 14th Ghent, BE – Glimpse Festival @ Charlatan
    • 15th Liege, BE – Le Fiacre
    • 16th Utrecht, NE – DBs
    • 17th Amsterdam, NE - Paradiso